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Gilbert Education Foundation

P.O. Box 2461

Gilbert, Arizona


Phone: 480-239-5117


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Arizona Gives Day 2014-April 9th




Who is Gilbert Education Foundation (GEF)? 

GEF provides opportunities for our community to invest in Gilbert Public Schools' vision for a World-class education for it's students.  GEF is a non-profit organization that is the fundraising arm for Gilbert Public Schools.


What does Gilbert Education Foundation (GEF) do? 

  • We provide Senior Scholarships for GPS graduates that enable students to attend college
  • We provide Scholarships for GPS educators to improve their skills and use those skills to the benefit of the students at GPS
  • We partner with the Valley of Sun United Way to provide Social Services to ‘at risk’ families, both students and staff within the district
  • We promote community engagement and volunteerism through our Varsity Letter in Volunteerism program
  • We support technology in the classroom and STEM education projects and curriculum




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